Participate in apidis Breakthrough Innovations as a USER GROUP MEMBER

Contact us if you are interested :
Christophe De Vleeschouwer, 32 10 472543
Pamela Miller, 34 93 238 1400

An important component of APIDIS is the User Group. They have been consulted to support the use cases and requirements definition and have been be invited to evaluate the mid-project proof-of-concepts in summer 09. They will again be invited to evaluate the final user-field trials in summer 10. If you are interested in participating in APIDIS as a techno-user -   exploiting APIDIS technology to offer novel services and to tap new markets for your customers - or as an end-user - watching the images produced by the APIDIS technology-, let us know!

APIDIS is an ambitious and challenging project with the potential to benefit national and European markets with a wide range of exploitable results . The user-centered design approach adopted by APIDIS builds on a thorough understanding of the context of use.

Help us to understand how you exploit visual content and what your requirements are. Tell us your feelings and interests regarding the potential services offered by the APIDIS technology. Help to shape and validate the breakthrough innovation and benefit from the APIDIS achievements. Participate in questionnaires and/or semi-structured interviews to help define user requirements and create user scenarios. Evaluate both mid-project proof-of-concepts and participate in final user-field trials.

Quick facts:
APIDIS is investigating the automatic extraction of intelligent content from networks of multi-modal sensors. It is exploiting that knowledge to automate the production of video content for controlled scenarios (sports events or surveillance). The project considers personalized and potentially interactive content summarization mechanisms to address heterogeneous user needs and access conditions.

The potential applications of the integrated technology developed within APIDIS are ranging from:

  • personalized access to video related to sport events through a web portal or a mobile hand-set;
  • cost-effective and fully automated production of content dedicated to small-audience, e.g. souvenir DVDs, university lectures, etc;
  • summarization and interactive access capabilities for fluent videosurveillance content browsing .

APIDIS is an ambitious and challenging project that builds on recent scientific and technological breakthroughs in the fields of user-centric design, signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, and also planning and optimized decision process.


APIDIS Coordinator: Christophe De Vleeschouwer, tel.:32 10 472543
APIDIS Administrative Contact: Pam Miller,, tel.: 34 93 238 1400
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